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Costumized Boxes


The advantages:

the unique shape

- the functionality

- the individual design

- the perfect fit of the packaging to the product


The customized box is a much more complex construction and usually needs making the punching die, which is a kind of matrix for the production of packaging. The packaging of this type is being used extensively in the food and footwear industries, horticulture, confectionery industry... The list goes on. It is a packaging technologically more advanced and it allows for a perfect adjusting the cardboard to a packaged product. There is a very wide range of FEFCO standards, which reflects the technical capabilities of this type of packaging and initially allows you to choose the direction in which we're going to go and to combine the functionality with aesthetics. The customized packagings give very broad capabilities. Thanks to it the interesting appearance of products attracts the eye of the consumer on the shelf. Of course the packaging surface is usually overprinted with a logo, company address or other information - there are many possibilities. Packagings of this type are made of 3- and 5-layer cardboard, depending on the characteristics of the packaged product. 

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