+48 56 493 64 19


 +48 56 493 64 19

We have a wide product range...

We have the unlimited possibilities...

Highly developed technology

The unlimited possibilities...

Producer of cardboard boxes

21 years experience in the manufacture of corrugated board. We offer a full range of packaging products for customers of all kind of industires

Packages "made to measure"

We have technical abilities to produce almost any variety of packages according to guidelines of the customer

Boxes made in harmony with the nature

Packagings from renewable raw materials, recycling and pro-ecological policy out of concern


KOWALK company is a manufacturer of corrugated packaging. All of our products are made in accordance with the FEFCO company models of packaging commonly used in packaging systems throughout the world. We also offer our customer a comprehensive supply with a wide range of packaging products, like self-adhesive tapes, stretch films, polyethylene foams, paperboard, foamed polystyrene fillings and other. We are also prepared to realize custom orders according to individual projects.


New investment finished!
We've just completed the construction of new warehouse-production buildings. It have been established 1600m2 of space for development. This will al...
Ploter Kongsberg XN - new possibilities of production
We have enhanced our machine park lately by brand new device to make various species of cardboard boxes. Ploter Kongsberg XN enables to produce ready...

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‘KOWALK’ Production-Commercial-Service Plant
A. Kowalski, H. Kowalski Registered Company 

Przemysłowa 3 str. 
87-321 Bartniczka

You will find us: Bartniczka, kujawsko-pomorskie region

The scope of activity: the whole Poland

The main scope of activity: Brodnica, Toruń, Bydgoszcz, Grudziądz, Iława, Nowe Miasto Lubawskie, Olsztyn, Ostróda, Włocławek, Płock

Office till 4:00 p.m.:

     tel. +48 56 493 64 19

     tel./fax +48 56 493 66 47

Phones after 4:00 p.m.: 

+48 602 252 531; +48 602 252 501




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