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A cardboard packagings producer...

Twenty one years of experience in the corrugated cardboard packagings's production. We offer a full range of packaging products for customers of all kind of industries


The experience which is worth relying on

The Enterprise was founded in 1993 in Bartniczka near Brodnica city, in the kujawsko-pomorski region. We've been on the market already 21 years and we've been working successfully with a lot of contractors. The scope of our activity includes cities: Brodnica, Toruń, Bydgoszcz, Działdowo, Grudziądz, Iława, Nowe Miasto Lubawskie, Olsztyn, Ostróda, Włocławek, Płock. We are a reliable company, experienced in the industry, so we know how to advise our customers to ensure them with a maximum satisfaction from the packaging, which is the business card of a product. Through all the years we're working on the satisfaction of our partners. Our proffessionalism is demonstrated by the fact, that we've trusted companies such as Ikea Swedwood or Szynaka Furniture Industry and we've been cooperating with each other for many years.  




The Business Gazelles

The Kowalk company has been repeatedly awarded in the "Business Gazelles" ranking. This is an annual ranking of the fastest growing companies. In Poland it's being prepared by the daily "Business Pulse". The Gazelle is a company which, thanks to its dynamic development, copes well with many even much larger competitors.


Our products

The main profile of the company's activity is a production of all types of 3- and 5-layer corrugated paperboard packagings. We have a wide range of the flap and customized packagings in our assortment. In the daily activities we're counseling our clients in order to optimize the packaged products's safety with the minimal financial outlay.


The technology of production

The company has at its disposal modern production facilities, making it possible to realize even the most unusual customer orders. We're constantly improving the technology of production in order to meet the expectations of our customers. We own production halls and warehouses with an area of 6000m2. We also possess modern machines and the experienced staff. We're making many-colored overprints on the high-speed rotary machine reaching speeds of up 6000 sheets per hour. 


Order fulfilment

The orders are carried out in accordance with the customers' expectations and confirmed no later than the second day after their receipt. With a large warehouse space we're able to collect slope storages on the spot, which in conditions of the rapidly changing production helps maintain a smooth functioning of the production at our customers and also the deliveries mode "just in time". The safety buffer gives us a supplies's satisfaction guarantee. After the changes in 2012 we've had even better logistic program, which allows us to plan the dispatches reliably and taking into account the travel time for forwarding to determine precisely the date of delivery.


Safety at work

We put a great stress on the safety of our employees. The production industry is marked by a high level of risk of accident at work, so the whole time we're training our staff and introducing the innovations which are aimed at reducing the risk to a minimum. 


Design departament

We have a technological department, which is concerned in the creation of individual projects in order to ensure the best protection of packaged goods. In our machine resources we have a high quality plotter used for manufacturing of the test packagings, which allows to eliminate any defects and ensures the proper functioning of packaging at the design stage.


Quality control

The raw materials are sampled and tested before the production. At each stage of it our products are subjected to a rigorous quality control in order to eliminate an error. Any defective product is not released for further processing and is recycled in accordance with our eco-ideology.


Special projects

We realize any kind of orders. The new is the designing of mail-order boxes with a low volume for the Internet shops. The one of our partners is The Tako company ( 


Contact data

‘KOWALK’ Production-Commercial-Service Plant
A. Kowalski, H. Kowalski Registered Company 

Przemysłowa 3 str. 
87-321 Bartniczka

You will find us: Bartniczka, kujawsko-pomorskie region

The scope of activity: the whole Poland

The main scope of activity: Brodnica, Toruń, Bydgoszcz, Grudziądz, Iława, Nowe Miasto Lubawskie, Olsztyn, Ostróda, Włocławek, Płock

Office till 4:00 p.m.:

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